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My name is Trevor and I love looking after cats.  I had a cat as a young boy and growing up I loved staying at my cousin's house as she always had lots of cats!


I have two cats of my own and have looked after neighbour's and family cats over many years.  I also have some very happy feline customers.  If work or holidays takes you away from your cat, I can carry out home visits to ensure your cat or kitten's routines are uninterrupted.


As a human who is privileged to own cats, I realise not all cats are good at travelling to alternative surroundings and prefer their own home.


I am a former Lothian & Borders Police Constable so confidentiality and the security of your home are a top priority.


For dog walking - see dedicated page.

Dog and Cat Tips - Updated weekly.

There are lots of people getting puppies just now. Lockdown, due to Covid-19, has meant the demand for puppies has grown massively.  There are lots of backyard breeders around and they are best avoided.

Why? You have to ask yourself; have they bred the dog for profit or have they bred to improve

the breed.  From years of experience I would much rather go to a Kennel Club registered breeder, one

which has health screening processes in place.  This means the parent dogs are screened for potential health

problems which could be passed on to any and all pups they have in future.  A dog with health problems is a very expensive business, you are effectively paying for private health care for the rest of your dog's life....