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My name is Trevor and I love looking after cats.  I had a cat as a young boy and growing up I loved staying at my cousin's house as she always had lots of cats!


I have two cats of my own and have looked after neighbour's and family cats over many years.  I also have some very happy feline customers.  If work or holidays takes you away from your cat, I can carry out home visits to ensure your cat or kitten's routines are uninterrupted.


As a human who is privileged to own cats, I realise not all cats are good at travelling to alternative surroundings and prefer their own home.


I am a former Lothian & Borders Police Constable so confidentiality and the security of your home are a top priority.


For dog walking - see dedicated page.

Dog and Cat Tips - Updated weekly.

Dog crates are important for dogs.  Some humans don't like using them, however, they are excellent for containing a dog when they are in the car and even keeps them safer if you are involved in a car accident.  We wear seatbelts so we do not go flying forward in the event of sudden breaking, this can prevent us going through the windscreen.  The same goes for dogs.  There are many records of dogs being propelled forward in cars, during road accidents, and the consequences are unspeakable. If you don't want to use a dog crate in your car then a good alternative is a dog safety belt which clips into the seatbelt holder, just like the seatbelts we wear, then it attaches to the harness your dog is wearing.  Both these options are far better than your dog bouncing around the back of the car, or even worse, sitting on your lap in the front seat.